The UK’s first Dutch car auction

BINCA® is a trading name of Fehr Brothers LTD and an acronym for ‘Buy It Now Car Auction’. Our name derives from the fact our business was born as and still operates as a “Buy It Now” car auction, whilst also offering trade vehicle sales.

Started by two brothers Calvin and Leon Fehr, the Fehr family roots originally began in a little town in Holland known as Emmen. The municipality was but a small farming village at the time, and so our grandparents later relocated to the neighbouring major port city and city-state of Hamburg, a few years prior to to the Second World War.

After the end of the Second World War, our grandparents emigrated to England in the early 50s and settled down, having a family of their own. Being avid collectors and traders in antiques, they regularly visited auction houses and antique stores but always missed the Dutch method and approach to auctions, both in the UK and during their time in Germany.

Our Dad would later follow the footsteps of his parents and spend his time hunting for antiques and heading to auction houses. Inspired by both his and the stories of our grandparents, the Fehr brothers decided to apply this method to their car business starting Buy It Now Car Auction. After a few years we expanded rapidly and therefore decided to rebrand to simply BINCA® as our business operations had expanded into trade sales, but also as the name itself was versatile and enabled the creation of our sister company BINCA Retail without any confusion.

Why buy a vehicle through BINCA?

Here's a list of reasons why so many people prefer to buy from BINCA®:

  • We have found that our customers prefer the our method of business because there is no bidding involved meaning you're not battling against other buyers in the same way you would in a traditional auction.
  • All prices are fixed, no negotiation required.
  • At our storage site, the only staff we have are key handlers, drivers and payment clerks, there is no need for an auctioneer or a salesperson hence no need for negotiation.
  • We buy cars and offer part exchange. Ask one of our staff to give you a valuation for your vehicle.
  • We allow all types of inspections including test drives, RAC and the AA.
  • Unlike a traditional auctions, we encourage buyers to take their time when inspecting a vehicle for purchase.
  • No pressure sales. We pride ourselves on operating low pressure sales meaning we give you as much time as you wish to inspect the vehicle at our yard.
  • All of our vehicles are HPI checked to verify two important potential implications on the history of a vehicle. Firstly if a vehicle has any outstanding finance, and secondly if the vehicle is subject to a previous insurance loss such as category S. Any vehicles with outstanding finance will be cleared by us. Also any vehicles showing as previously categorised will be explicitly declared at the point of sale.
  • If a vehicle starts and drives, we will advertise it as "starts and drives".
  • Fixed prices. The price you see in the advert is the price you pay.

When visiting a typical British auction, you may be forced into making a decision on buying a vehicle within moments of hearing the engine start. You also may not be able to inspect any paperwork nor will you be able drive the vehicle or even sit in the drivers seat. In such a pressured situation you will also find yourself battling with numbers of buyers, going up against you and your own will of parting with money for something you’re not actually 100% sure of.

At BINCA® all of our vehicles are unprepared and unwarranted so we support and encourage any kind of inspections. If you're unsure about buying a vehicle on trade terms then we would encourage you to bring a mechanic or family/friend along with you who has competent knowledge on vehicle mechanics. There is no time restriction with vehicle inspections, simply just ask our key handler to pass you the keys for the chosen vehicle and take your time inspecting the vehicle and all of its paperwork. We do ask for ID for anyone wishing to inspect a vehicle.

BINCA® is a registered trademark and a trading name of Fehr Brothers LTD.

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