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'BINCA' is a trading name of Fehr Brothers LTD. The Fehr family are a Dutch family who relocated to Hamburg, Germany prior to the world war, originally from Emmen in Holland, Netherlands. Emmen is a Dutch town which neighbours Germany.

Following the arrival to England in the 50's our grandparents found the British way of auctioning rather different to what they are used to back in Germany. Being collectors and traders in Antiques, they regularly visited auctions in Holland and Germany but the Dutch seem to do it backwards.....

With this is mind the Fehr Brothers decided to apply this method to their car business, starting the price at a point then if no buyer makes a purchase then the price would be reduced meaning the buyer will have to decide how long they are willing to chance losing the sale of vehicle to somebody else.

This is seen by many as an extremely fair way of trading for both the buyer and the seller. It's transparent and reasonable and there is no pressure from either side.
All vehicle must be viewed by a the buyer or somebody representing the buyer before we can accept payment.

Here's a list of reasons why so many people prefer auctions in the Dutch way:

No negotiation required

On our storage site, the only staff we have are key handlers, drivers and payment clarks, there is no need for an auctioneer or a salesperson hence no need for negotiation.

No Pressure

The prices of the vehicles are reduced consistently, the pressure on the buyer is as much as they are willing to make it.

Part exchange

We also offer part exchange, ask one of our staff to give you a valuation for your vehicle.

We allow all types of inspections.

When visiting a typical British auction, you'll be forced into making a decision on buying a vehicle within moments of hearing the engine started, you also wont be able to see the paperwork, nor will you be able drive it or even sit in the drivers seat. Amongst all of this pressure you'll find yourself almost physically battling with numbers of buyers, going against your own will of parting with money for something you're not actually 100% sure of.
At BINCA we allow any kind of inspections, if you're unsure about buying a vehicle on trade terms then bring a mechanic or a friend who has knowledge on cars. There is no time restriction with vehicle inspections, simply just ask our key handler to pass you the keys for the chosen vehicle and take your time inspecting the vehicle and all of its paperwork inside-out.

AA and RAC Inspections

As an in-house rule we don't take deposits for vehicles whatsoever, its simply not how we work. All vehicles have to be seen and paid for in full before any purchase can be completed. In the event that a buyer would like to have a vehicle inspected either by the AA, RAC (or similar) we do make an exception to allowing a vehicle to be 'held without sale' There is a charge for this which is £100+VAT, for this you are buying 72 hours of the vehicle being restricted a sale, regardless of the outcome of the inspection this charge is not deducted from the sale of the vehicle, nor is it refundable. It is a charge for downtime of advertising, not a holding deposit.

We allow test drives

With all the pressures of an upward bidding auction you'll notice that not only is there no time to test drive a vehicle but it is also against most auction house rules.
Although our vehicles aren't taxed or insured to be on the road, our site is large enough for you to manoeuvre vehicles around which will give you a chance to feel what the clutch, gearbox and engine function like.

Trade prices

Vehicle prices vary from one company to the next but the main 3 we use as a guise are CAP, Glasses and Autotrader. For example:
A 7 year old BMW X1 trades at:
£6,525 with CAP
£6,790 with Glass's
£7,050 with autotrader
The retail valuation of this same car is in the region of £8,000 > £8,695.

The starting price on our website for this car would be in the centre of the lowest retail and the highest trade value, again making it fair. In this case it would be £7,525

Each fortnight the price is dropped by between 1% > 10% depending on the age and value of vehicle, again depending on the level of seen activity. Like any auction, price is reflected on the number of buyers interested.

Low Fees

Buyers fees are currently really low to appeal to buyers but are still required to cover small costs that each vehicle incur whilst on site such as fuel, cleaning, delivery to site and hpi checks. They are currently set at £39 for each vehicle purchased, there are no exceptions to the fees, all buyers including buyers of several vehicles must pay the fee in full as part of the purchase invoice, in order for the car to leave our site.

No reserves

We pride ourselves on a no reserve policy, each vehicle will continue to be reduced until a buyer is found, generally most vehicles sell with in 3 weeks of arrival to our site but we do often see prices fall lower than trade values.

All types of vehicles

On our site you will mainly find cars but dint be surprised by the site of the odd truck, camper vans, motorhome, tractor, van, lorry or old classic. Our turnover of vehicles ranges across all chassis types.


As the buyer of one of vehicles you are committing yourself to a trade sale meaning you are buying a vehicle on the terms that you have adequate knowledge of purchasing a vehicle for the car trade, you don't need to be a member of BINCA in order to buy from us but we do like to stress that all vehicles must be bought based on your own opinion. We make every effort to make it stress free for you to inspect our vehicles so please use this opportunity wisely. We try to keep our ads factual and un-opinionated, words such as 'good condition' or 'nice bodywork' will not be seen in our advertising.
Upon arrival to our site, simply quote the reg of the car that you'd like to view and one of our key handlers will provide you with the key set for that vehicle.

Small print and further info

All Vehicles are sold as seen on trade terms, exactly as they would be at any other auction. The sales invoice will show further info regarding the terms of sale.
Every buyer will be asked to read and sign a 'trade sale' invoice upon purchase.
We do not guarantee the mileage on any of our vehicles. An odometer reading will be taken on the day of sale but the buyer will be expected to all of their own mileage/history checks.
Viewing of vehicles is available at any point during our opening hours, all vehicles can also be purchased within these hours.
We do not explain vehicles over the phone so please do not call asking for descriptions of vehicles or details of service history/paperwork. All opinions should be made by the buyer themselves upon viewing.
We do not accept deposits or holding fees.
lNB Implied Terms as satisfactory quality and/or fitness for purpose do not apply to this transaction. All vehicles are Sold As seen with no trial, guarantee or warranty.
All vehicles must be viewed in order to purchase.
We do not hold any paperwork for the vehicles, all paperwork is included with each sale.

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